River Park is a new multifunctional complex on Bratislava’s riverbank and the best address in Bratislava’s centre. It is situated on Dvořákovo nábrežie.


What you can find at River Park:


  • 202 premium residences,
  • five-star Kempinski Hotel River Park, wellness, fitness-centre and spa,
  • 29,000 m² of high quality office space,
  • cafes and restaurants,
  • shops,
  • banks,
  • post office,
  • Riverpark Dance School and other facilities.


River Park consists of four blocks, each with a different character and function.


Aboveground parts of all blocks have a common underground parking area with three underground floors. Buildings in the publicly accessible areas are designed as barrier-free.

River Park 1 (Blok 1), situated in the western part of the complex (near former Park of Culture and Relax), is comprised of residences oriented to the Danube, administrative space and retail space.

J&T River House (Blok 2) forms the main visual area of the complex. In the south part of the complexare the most luxurious residences of River Park. The organic shaped building extends in the middle of the complex and is placed crosswise to the promenade, protruding elegantly over the Danube river on the upper floors.

Kempinski Hotel River Park (Blok 3) in the ground-plan shape of L, along with J&T River House, surrounds the square of the complex. The famous five-star hotel of the brand Kempinski offers 231 luxurious rooms and apartments, including a presidential suite, congress halls, restaurants, bars, a recreation area with swimming pools, fitness and wellness on the top, 11th floor.

River Park 2 (Blok 4) is the largest block in the eastern part of the complex, closest to the city centre. There are southern oriented residences overlooking the Danube and northern oriented office spaces. Civic amenities and services are located in the parterre. The technical design of the office space fulfils the most demanding requirements for functionality and operation. Offices are spacious, air-conditioned, and soundproof, with adjustable intelligent heating and cooling. Most of area has windowswith natural ventilation and is equipped with top-class communication technologies and modern safety features. The three underground floors host the parking area, and have a capacity of 1,187 parking places, extending below the entire complex. The technological equipment for the entire complex is located in the basement. Besides covered parking, there is also a parking area in front of the former Park of Culture and Relax with the capacity of 217 parking places and public parking area opposite River Park – under the castle hillock with the capacity of 170 parking places.

Extent of Services

As the River Park multifunctional complex property management services provider, we provide the following services:


Comprehensive facility management of the River Park complex:



  • coordination and management of all support activities,
  • financial management and budgeting,
  • optimization of costs and systematic search for costs savings,
  • facility management,
  • management and allocation of services, preparing documents for invoicing energy and services consumption,
  • finding suppliers for individual services with customer's participation,
  • marketing of common areas,
  • management of fire protection and occupational health and safety,
  • 24-hours control desk services,
  • communication with customers,
  • handling warranty claims.


Operation and check of technical facilities of buildings:



  • common operating checks,
  • checks and operation of technical facilities of the building according to the rules specified by manufacturer or law,
  • operative servicing in case of breakdowns or handling emergency conditions of facilities.


Repairs and maintenance of buildings and technical facilities:


  • maintenance and inspection plan of technological equipment,
  • operation and service of:


    • technological equipment (ventilation, air-conditioning, heating),
    • electric energy distribution,
    • heat and cooling distribution,
    • cold water, hot utility water and sewage distribution,
    • cooling water distribution from the Danube,
    • lighting in common interior areas,
    • outside lighting,
    • camera system of industrial television – CCTV,
    • electric fire alarms,
    • electric security system,
    • stable fire-extinguishing devices,
    • gas regulatory station of all blocks,
    • oil separators,
    • section gates and ramps on entrance to parking area,
    • lifts and turnstiles,
    • parking and navigation system,
    • access system SKV – Sipass.


  • inspection and maintenance of building construction or repairs,
  • inspections and maintenance of exterior elements of the building or repairs,
  • operation and maintenance of road signs.


Supporting activities:



  • disposal of municipal waste via large-volume containers,
  • cleaning of interior and exterior common areas and parking areas with public utility machinery,
  • cleaning of façade two times per year, or as needed,
  • disenfection, disinfestation of premises,
  • care for outside green areas,
  • summer maintenance of exterior and interior,
  • winter emergency service, removal of snow and ice with public utility machinery,
  • care for interior greenery in common areas.



Building security service and reception desk service:



  • monitoring and system of entry control into individual premises and for each floor,
  • 24-hours guarding of common interior as well as exterior premises by professional security service,
  • central monitoring by safety camera system,
  • management of motor vehicles access into parking areas and parking navigation system,
  • key management,
  • operation of modern electronic fire alarms,
  • operation of installed stable fire-extinguishing devices,
  • information and telephone services of reception desk.


Energy management:



  • comprehensive management of utilities (electric energy, heat and cooling)
  • supply of drinking water and hot utility water,
  • supply of cooling water from Danube,
  • power engineering services,
  • energy advisory.
Statistical information


The River Park Bratislava area consist of four blocks, with flats, offices and retail areas in blocks B1, B2 and B4. A hotel with a basement parking lot is situated in the entire B3 block. A detailed classification of the area by use type is as follows:


RIVER PARK – BLOK 1 built-up floor area useful area service areas and communications leasable area
flats – interior 11,459.9 m2 8,556.8 m2 941.7 m2 7,615.1 m2
flats – terraces 11,459.9 m2 1,448.1 m2 0.0 1,448.1 m2
offices 13,432.9 m2 11,333.5 m2 1,168.8 m2 10,164.7 m2
retail premises 3,104.1 m2 2,305.6 m2 0.0 2,305.6 m2
TOTAL 27,996.9 m2 23,644.1 m2 2,110.5 m2 21,533.5 m2



J&T RIVER HOUSE BLOK 2 built-up floor area useful area service areas and communications leasable area
flats – interior 10,529.1 m2 7,082.7 m2 998.3 m2 6,084.4 m2
flats – terraces 10,529.1 m2 2,131.4 m2 0.0 2,131.4 m2
offices 8,649.5 m2 7,617.9 m2 444.1 m2 7,173.8 m2
retail premises 236.2 m2 391 m2 178.3 m2
TOTAL 19,414.8 m2 17,223 m2 1,620.7 m2 15,602.3 m2





built-up floor area useful area počet hotelových izieb
aboveground part of the hotel 23,327 m2 19,110.0 m2
TOTAL 23,327 m2 19,110.0 m2 231



RIVER PARK 2 BLOK 4 built-up floor area úžitková plocha zázemie a komunikácie leasable area
flats – interior 21,444.2 m2 15,972.9 m2 2,100.5 m2 11,787.6 m2
flats – terraces 1,843.0 m2
storage premises 241.8 m2
apartments 3,215.7 m2 947.5 m2 2,038.6 m2
loggias 229.6 m2
offices 13,623.2 m2 11,916.0 m2 544.4 m2 11,371.5 m2
retail premises 3,700.4 m2 3,005.6 m2 122.9 m2 2,882.7 m2
TOTAL 38,797.7 m2 34,110.1 m2 3,715.3 m2 30,394.8 m2



BASEMENT built-up floor area useful area počet parkovacích miest
part under Blokom 1 14,420.9 11,746.8 m2 454
part under Blokom 2 3,500.8 m2 2,320.8 m2 70
part under Blokom 3 11,306.7 m2 6,842.3 m2 250
part under Blokom 4 13,517.3 m2 11,159.9 m2 407
TOTAL 42,499.7 m2 32,069.8 m2 1 181

Top clients:




J&T Banka, a. s., pobočka zahraničnej banky

KPMG Slovensko, s. r. o.

Poštová banka, a. s.