Podunajské Biskupice, SR


The Hron Shopping Centre is located next to the main road in Podunajské Biskupice.

Podunajské Biskupice is a borough of Bratislava in Bratislava II district. It is located in the eastern part of the city, south of Vrakuňa and Ružinov boroughs, spanning the area of 42.5 km², which makes it the largest borough of Bratislava.

Object characteristics​

The premises of the shopping centre are air conditioned and fitted with sanitary facilities. The building is equipped with the latest systems such as electronic fire alarm, fixed fire extinguishing equipment, measurement and regulation equipment and a CCTV system, which together enhance the standard of the premises and serve particularly for their safety.

Extent of Services​

We perform the following activities for the centre owner:

Standard maintenance and operation:

  • 24/7 operation and maintenance of the technology equipment, structural parts of the building and shared areas, in accordance with the design parameters, valid operating rules, and the owner’s instructions,
  • periodic monitoring and assessment the building’s condition,
  • operation of the power dispatching facility, inspection of the proper operation of the technology equipment,
  • performance of scheduled inspection and maintenance activity for the structural part of the building and the planned inspection and maintenance activities on the technology equipment,
  • construction modifications based on the client’s requirements,
  • minor maintenance of locksmith and joinery fittings,
  • minor painting and decorating work,
  • minor auxiliary work during the repair or maintenance of the equipment in the shared areas of the building (gluing of carpets, repair of door wings, replacement of ceiling panels etc.),
  • maintenance of terminal elements of sanitary installations and lighting,
  • supply of maintenance material,
  • minor repair of the technology equipment in the form of replacement, for instance – pumps, electric motors, parts of pipes and the like, during the maintenance working hours,
  • cleaning of technology equipment,
  • provision of necessary measurement instruments, tools and consumables (lubricants, greases, oils, cleaning and preserving agents, small connecting material, abrasives, wearing parts, saw blades, sand paper, spacers, paints, hoses, brushes…),
  • provision of maintenance material, including environmentally friendly waste disposal,
  • maintenance and servicing of lighting in shared premises and the exterior.

Compulsory technical inspections:

  • inspections of electrical equipment,
  • inspections of electrical appliances,
  • inspections of transformer stations,
  • boiler room checks – inspections of gas detectors,
  • inspections of pressure vessels,
  • inspections of chimneys,
  • inspections of gas distribution piping,
  • inspections and checks of gas appliances,
  • tightness checks of gas appliances,
  • inspections of fire extinguishers,
  • inspections of hydrants,
  • inspections of lifting equipment,
  • inspections of lighting conductors,
  • inspections of fire dampers,
  • inspections of electrical fire alarm,
  • inspections of electronic security systems,
  • inspections of lifts and escalators,
  • supervision of tenants whether they perform the compulsory technical inspections of their own equipment,
  • inspections of fixed fire extinguishing equipment,
  • CCTV inspections.

Technical documentation:

  • continuous keeping of records associated with the management of the building, kept separately for repair and maintenance, consumption of utilities and services associated with the use of individual rented and shared premises,
  • keeping of project documentation and documents accepted in writing from the building owner during the building acceptance, keeping and archiving of all administrative documents associated with the administration and operation of the building,
  • processing of technical certificates of the building and leased premises,
  • obligation to regularly (monthly) prepare and provide to the owners of the building the report on the contractual performance, identified malfunctions, proposed measures,
  • preparation of the maintenance, repair and investments plan for the coming year,
  • implementation of all legal acts and legal negotiations relating to the proper management of the land and buildings in accordance with the valid legal regulations.

Optimisation and power management:

  • optimisation of the operation of the technological equipment,
  • compliance with the environmental regulations,
  • analysis of power consumption data,
  • optimisation of the consumption of energy and utilities,
  • negotiation of the electricity supply, consumption diagrams, operating mode and the like,
  • performance of readings of primary and secondary electricity meters, water meters and other utility meters,
  • processing of monthly energy consumption reports and diagrams, including delivery of the processed statistical forms,
  • energy management of the building’s operation based on the announced energy consumption levels,
  • processing and delivery of required technical reports to the involved parties,
  • processing and handover of documents for breaking down the utility consumption costs,
  • negotiation with energy suppliers on behalf of the client based on the power of attorney,
  • processing of data on emissions and the reports in accordance with NIES to the Local Environmental Office.

Emergency (standby) service:

  • provision of the continuous emergency service, including weekends and public holidays,
  • guaranteed intervention by the emergency crew within 120 minutes,
  • response to personal or automated emergency calls,
  • emergency crew dispatch,
  • performance of emergency intervention, elimination of malfunction,
  • documentation of report failures, preparation of failure elimination protocols.


List of tenants:

  • 7th Heaven
  • Green Design
  • Allianz
  • Keysi štúdio
  • A-Z (housewares)
  • KiK
  • Lampáš (bookstore)
  • Cherry (jewellery store)
  • ROBEL (footwear)
  • Etnogaléria
  • FAnn (perfumery)
  • Fashion optic
  • Fortuna
  • Golden Plaza
  • Golden Vegas
  • Photo centre, stamps
  • Tailor
  • Pharma Top (drug store)
  • Levi nails
  • Shoe repair, key service
  • Press Point
  • ŠEVT (stationery)
  • UniCredit Bank
  • Sun Star