Technical upkeep of buildings

Common maintenance and operation
  • continuous operation and maintenance of technological equipment, structural parts of the building and common areas according to projected parameters, valid operating regulations and owner’s instructions,
  • regular inspection and evaluation of building conditions,
  • operation of energy control centre, inspect for proper functioning of technological equipment,
  • realization of planned control and maintenance activity of structural parts of the building and planned control and maintenance activities of technological equipment,
  • building modifications according to client’s requirements,
  • minor maintenance of locksmith and carpentry construction,
  • minor painting,
  • regular replacement of HVAC filters, including the environmental disposal of used filters,
  • minor ancillary works during repairs and maintenance of equipment in building common areas (re-gluing carpets, repairing door wings, replacement of suspended ceiling caissons, etc.)
  • maintenance of end elements of sanitary installations and lighting,
  • supply maintenance materials,
  • small repairs of technological equipment by replacement, e.g. pumps, electric motors, parts of pipes, etc. during working hours of maintenance,
  • cleaning of technological equipment,
  • providing necessary measuring instruments, tools and supplies (lubricants, greases, oil refills, cleaning and preservation preparations, small fasteners, sandpaper, expendable parts, circular saw blades, emery cloth, dowel pins, paints, hoses, paintbrushes…),
  • providing maintenance material including organic waste disposal,
  • maintenance and servicing of lighting and common areas.
Inspection activity
  • inspection of electric equipment,
  • inspection of electrical appliances,
  • inspection of transformer stations,
  • expert examination of boiler room – inspection of gas detectors,
  • inspection of pressure vessels,
  • inspection of chimneys,
  • inspection of gas distribution,
  • inspection of regulatory control station of medium-pressure/low-pressure type,
  • inspections and examinations of gas appliances,
  • leakage inspection of gas equipment,
  • inspection of fire extinguishers,
  • inspection of hydrants,
  • inspection of lifting devices,
  • inspection of lightning conductors,
  • inspection or calibration of water meters,
  • inspection of gas meters,
  • inspection of fire dampers,
  • inspection of electric-fire signalling system,
  • inspection of electronic security system,
  • inspection of lifts and escalators,
  • check of tenants, to ensure inspection activity on their equipment,
  • inspection of stable fire extinguishing devices,
  • inspection of CCTV.

Technical administration

Technical documentation
  • continuous record-keeping related to property management, divided into areas of repairs and maintenance, consumption of energy and services connected with using individual leased and common areas,
  • keeping project documentation and written documents assumed from the owner upon acceptance of the building, maintenance and archiving of all administrative documents relating to management and operation of the facilities,
  • preparing passports of buildings and leased space,
  • obligation to process and regularly provide (quarterly) a report on contract performance, found failures, proposed measures to building owners,
  • preparing maintenance plans, repairs and investments for the following year,
  • realization of all legal acts and legal negotiations relating to proper land and building management according to valid legal regulations.

Reception desk services

  • continuous information services for tenants and visitors of the premises, phone call operator services, post reception, etc.
  • surveillance and registration of visitors to the premises,
  • obligations resulting from fire-alarm rules and other fire safety guidelines,
  • key management,
  • keeping respective documentation,
  • providing supervision over guarding and information service.

Care for greenery

  • watering, fertilization, plants protection,
  • replacement, plant regeneration, additional planting,
  • mowing grassy areas,
  • soil mellowing, cleaning,
  • inspection of technological equipment,
  • winterization,
  • treatment and pruning of trees,
  • irrigation.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services

In 2012, Danube Facility Services, s.r.o. expanded its portfolio to also include cleaning services, which are offered to customers with the emphasis on quality and flexibility of delivery.

Cleanness is a must for any working environment to be pleasant and productive. That is why we offer to our customers the comprehensive portfolio of cleaning services with the quality you can always rely on.

Comprehensive cleaning services
  • regular cleaning (daily, weekly, monthly),
  • regular cleaning of residential and non-residential premises,
  • regular cleaning of offices,
  • complete maintenance of all floor types,
  • industrial and dry (chemical) cleaning,
  • cleaning of windows and glazed panels,
  • cleaning of building's exterior cladding (Puraclean),
  • wet cleaning of carpets, chairs, and stools.
Individual approach with specific cleaning jobs
  • general cleaning after painters or construction work before the handover of premises,
  • based on the consultation and in-depth analysis of your needs, we shall prepare for you a detailed timetable of work activities and a price quote,
  • the service manager, or possibly the head of the facility, are always available to you so that you can immediately solve any operational issues with them,
  • we provide not just cleaning but rather a complete service that includes cleaning equipment and cleaning agents.
Cleaning of interior
  • cleaning of empty table surfaces, window sills,
  • cleaning of furniture using suitable polish, based on the type of material and as necessary,
  • cleaning of stains on doors, frames, furniture, and door panels,
  • cleaning and disinfection of sanitary facilities,
  • cleaning and polishing of tiles and mirrors,
  • emptying and cleaning of waste bins,
  • carpet vacuuming and washing of floors to remove surface dirt and grime,
  • supply and distribution of sanitary consumables (toilet soap – liquid and foam, paper towels, toilet paper, air fresheners, etc.).
Cleaning of exterioir areas
  • sweeping of sidewalks, roads (including parking lots),
  • pressurised water cleaning (from a hose or a sprinkling car), as needed during the dry season,
  • winter maintenance of paved surfaces,
  • snow removal emergency service,
  • spreading of surfaces (including the spreading material),
  • snow shovelling, removal of icing and icicles.
Building's exterior cladding cleaning – facade cleaning
  • cleaning of windows (glazed surfaces) from the inside,
  • cleaning of windows (glazed surfaces) from the outside using special equipment,
  • cleaning of building's exterior cladding (non-glazed surfaces) using special equipment (type of cleaning based on the cladding type).
Underground parking cleaning
  • mechanical wet removal of floor dirt,
  • removal of water puddles left from cars (snow, rain).

We put great emphasis on communicating with the customers and strive to achieve greatest possible transparency in our mutual relations. We provide our cleaning services in accordance with the valid standards and contractual terms and conditions. We keep the mandatory operating records and documentation, including any extra documentation to the extent and in the form agreed with the customer and in accordance with the applicable laws, technical standards, and regulations.

All activities are performed in accordance with the Health & Safety and Fire Protection regulations and in accordance with the customer’s instructions. Our company has an introduced and certified integrated management system (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015) and, therefore, our activities are also governed by these regulations so that we always provide you with services of highest quality.

If interested in receiving a price quote for cleaning services in your company, please contact the responsible person by e-mail: Subsequently, based on the requested specification of work, we shall prepare a price quote for the services that will surely meet your expectations.

Optimization and energetic management

  • minimization of power outages,
  • optimization of technological equipment operation,
  • compliance with environment protection regulations,
  • analysis of energy data,
  • optimization of energy and media consumption,
  • arranging electric energy and cold water supplies, schedules, regime, etc.
  • performing main and side reading recording of electric meters, water meters and other energy consumption meters,
  • processing monthly reports and diagrams on energy consumption, including delivery of processed statistical forms,
  • energy management of the premises operation according to announced energy levels,
  • processing and transmission of the required technical reports to concerned parties,
  • processing documents for allocating costs for energy consumption,
  • negotiation with energy suppliers on the customer's behalf based by proxy,
  • data processing and emissions reporting in compliance with NIES to the local environmental agency.

Guarantee failures

  • exercise and check of remedying guarantee failures of facility,
  • processing a letter of guarantee failure (preparing complaint or finding of failure, verification, if it is a guarantee failure, etc.),
  • resolving a failure with general supplier (handing over, agreement on remedying the failure and deadlines, feedback for tenant and owner, cooperation with general supplier during remedying the failure, etc.),
  • keeping records of guarantee failures with indication of all important data (regular updating and informing the owner),
  • inspection and troubleshooting deficiencies of the accepted premises, when the regime for their remedy or long-term monitoring was agreed upon.

Emergency service

  • ensuring non-stop emergency service including bank and public holidays,
  • guaranteed intervention of emergency personnel within 120 minutes,
  • receiving personal or automated emergency calls,
  • emergency action,
  • carrying out emergency intervention, remedy of failure,
  • documentation of failures report, preparing failure remedy protocol.

HVAC Repair and Maintenance

In 2013, Danube Facility Services, s.r.o. expanded its portfolio to also include the repair and servicing in the field of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems – HVAC.

Clean air is a must for any working environment to be pleasant and productive. That is why we offer to our customers the comprehensive maintenance of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning equipment.

Scope of provided servicing:
  • regular servicing – a set of technical actions on the individual pieces of the ventilation and air-conditioning equipment no longer covered by warranty,
  • technical inspections of burners and boilers – servicing measurements,
  • technical inspections of fire dampers and fire walls in accordance with the Slovak Ministry of Interior Decree no. 478/2008 Coll.,
  • processing of written inspection reports on each inspection, testing, or examination,
  • processing of written work protocols (order sheets), specific scope of the work performed,
  • post-warranty repair – provided based on a separate price quote,
  • inspection of F-gases.

We provide the servicing in accordance with the applicable laws, technical standards, and regulations. We keep the records and documentation to the extent of the performed and planned servicing work agreed with the customer. All performed activities conform to the valid H&S and FP regulations.

If interested in receiving a price quote for the servicing in your company, please contact the responsible person by e-mail:

Subsequently, based on the requirements, we shall prepare a price quote for the servicing that will surely meet your expectations.

DANUBE FS provides the mentioned services internally or via outsourced certified suppliers, complying with all technical standards valid in the territory of the SR.