Ovocné sady

Bratislava, SR


The estate Ovocné sady is located in the Ružinov district, Bratislava II, the local part of Trnávka near Ivanská cesta.

Characteristics of the object

In the Ovocné sady complex there are 11 residential buildings and one underground garage, which extends under three buildings. In the individual buildings, there are commercial spaces, technologies, cellars and entrance vestibules, corridors on the ground floor.

Each building has 7 and 8 floors above ground without a basement, the exception is building E, where there is a basement under the kindergarten. The kindergarten covers the entire ground floor.

The buildings are marked with capital letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K.

Each building has a separate boiler room, two elevators, a central battery system and air conditioning units located on the roof to ensure ventilation of apartments and corridors.

The entrance to the building is secured by a contactless system using chips and is monitored by a camera system.

The perimeter walls are made of reinforced concrete. The dividing walls between the apartments are a combination of reinforced concrete and soundproofing material. Interior partitions are made of plasterboard. The roof structure flat, single-skin roof with a classic order of layers.

There is a lot of greenery in the area, and the dominant feature is the park, which is divided into several zones. The park boasts a workout zone, pergola with seating, game zones for children of different age categories, table tennis, streetball court, fireplaces with seating and much more. An anti-noise wall has been built next to the playground, which separates buildings G, H, K.

Range of services

As the manager of the Ovocné sady complex, we mainly provide the following activities:

Comprehensive management of apartment buildings and common areas:

·        coordination and management of all supporting activities,

·        financial management and budgeting,

·        cost optimization and systematic search for cost savings,

·        building management services,

·        paperwork and billing of services, preparation of documents for invoicing energy consumption and related services,

·        search for suppliers of individual services with the participation of owners,

·        fire protection and health and safety management,

·        management of the access security system, management of access chips

·        communication with owners and partner organizations,

·        handling complaints.

Operation and regular checks of technical equipment of buildings:

·        routine operational inspections

·        inspection and operation of equipment according to the rules established by the manufacturer and legislation

·        servicing in case of malfunctions, emergency states of technologies

Repairs and maintenance of buildings and technical equipment:

·        revisions, checks and maintenance plans and repairs of technological equipment,

·        operation and servicing of:

·        technological devices,

·        electricity distribution systems,

·        heat distribution,

·        cold water distribution, hot water, sewerage,

·        lighting of interior spaces,

·        lighting of the park and the surrounding area of the building,

·        camera system,

·        oil separator,

·        elevators,

·        access system,

·        inspection and maintenance of structural elements of the building and repairs,

·        inspection and maintenance of exterior elements of the building and repairs,

·        operation and maintenance of traffic signs in the building and on adjacent lands.

Supporting activities:

·        waste collection and collection of sorted waste,

·        cleaning of indoor and outdoor common areas,

·        extermination and disinsection of the building,

·        care of outdoor green areas,

·        summer maintenance of indoor and outdoor spaces,

·        winter maintenance, snow removal, ice removal.


·        monitoring and access control system to the building,

·        monitoring of entrances to buildings with a security camera system,

·        key management,

Energy management:

·        comprehensive management of energy supplies (electricity, gas, heat),

·        supply of drinking water and hot water,

·        energy-related services,

·        energy consulting.