Bratislava, SR


TOWER 115 is a 28-floor administrative building located in Bratislava, directly at an important city junction and suburban transport with direct connection to highways and Bratislava’s urban ring. There are areas for retail, services and recreation on the first and second floors in TOWER 115 and storage areas are available in the basement. Other storeys serve as office spaces of a high standard.

Object characteristics​

We provide for comprehensive technical maintenance for the owner of TOWER 115 and its approx. 40 tenants. We manage approx. 39,000 m2 of total useful space divided to offices, retail and storage areas. This is complemented by the management of parking areas and outside areas.


Extent of Services​

We, as TOWER 115’s property management services provider, provide the following services:

heating, cooling, air-conditioning, power supply and cabling

  • controllable heating/cooling system of fancoil units with regulation,
  • forced ventilation of the entire building via modern air-conditioning units with air temperature adjustment,
  • intelligent system for measurement and regulation of climate conditions of interior areas,
  • infrastructure of data and telecommunication networks,
  • two lift lobbies with eight lifts and operation optimisation,
  • providing for control of entrance to the building,
  • providing for control of entrance to each storey (contactless cards).

other services

  • modern electronic fire alarms with the system for fire localization,
  • installed stable fire-extinguishing devices,
  • 24-hour guarding of the premises via professional security service,
  • 24-hour information service, sorting and delivery of post mailings,
  • cleaning services for common areas, cleaning of façade including windows, winter and summer maintenance of outside areas,
  • conference and meeting spaces,
  • small repairs for tenants.

24-hour non-stop operation on the control service desk, where our employees are on duty 24 hours a day, is available to tenants in TOWER 115.

The objective of the property management is to ensure a reduced failure rate, longer lifespan and functionality of technical and technological equipment. Obligations of a property management services provider include maintenance planning– scheduling regular preventive maintenance at regular time intervals. Our main intention is to have satisfied clients. We focus on achieving harmony in the relationship and providing professional, comprehensive and comfortable services. Therefore, our services and their improvement and expanding and are subject to this objective while at the same time we readily adapt to individual specific requirements. Our employees have the necessary education and years of experience in the industry and continue to improve their skills and capabilities with professional training in order to progressively and effectively deliver quality services. Thanks to our professional internal and external staff, we are able to provide expert advice on operational and technical issues.