Bratislava, SR


Zuckermandel is a multi-purpose city center with seven buildings located at Žižkova Street under the Bratislava Castle. Buildings together create a new neighborhood with a historical feeling.

Object characteristics​

  • Flats – 13,500.83 m2 / 179 in total
  • Office premises – 12,591.79 m2
  • Business premises -2,768.76 m2
  • Parking lots – 608 in total

Block A consists of two residential buildings with five separate entrances labeled AA to AE. The buildings have each six floors plus two derelict terraced floors. There are 123 flats, suites and business premises in the block.

The five-storey residential building labeled CB features 23 spacious flats overlooking the river or the Old Town buildings on Žižkova Street.

The CA and CX buildings are boutique-style office spaces. Each has six floors of unique offices designed for multiple tenants. Shops are located on the ground floor.

A newly built square dominated by a rock outcrop of the castle called “rock nose” was labeled as a zone “E”. The square also has access to a 250-meter long natural trail with information boards and outdoor fitness machines. The square is connected to the Danube promenade by a footbridge.

The CY building is a residential building with 33 flats under the Castle’s rock outcrop only a few steps away from the Danube promenade.


Extent of Services​

As the manager of the multi-purpose Zuckermandel city center, we mainly provide the following services:

Comprehensive facility management of the center Zuckermandel:

  • coordination and management of all supporting activities,
  • financial management and budgeting,
  • cost optimization and systematic search for cost-saving solutions,
  • work of the facility manager,
  • service management and related billing, drawing up documents needed for invoicing energy consumption and services,
  • searching for individual service providers in cooperation with clients,
  • fire safety management and HSW,
  • 24/7 dispatch center,
  • communication with customers,
  • complaints handling.

Operation and inspection of technical equipment of the building:

  • routine operation inspections
  • inspection and operation of technical equipment of the building according to the rules set by the manufacturer and legislation
  • temporary operation during system malfunctions or failures, handling of faulty technologies and equipment

Repair and maintenance of buildings and technical equipment:

  • schedule of revisions, inspections, maintenance and repairs of technological equipment,
  • operation and service:
    • technological equipment (HVAC, air conditioning, heating),
    • power distribution,
    • heating and cooling,
    • cold and hot water distribution, sewerage,
    • interior lighting of common space,
    • surrounding space lighting,
    • CCTV system,
    • electronic fire alarm,
    • electrical security system,
    • fixed fire extinguishers,
    • gas control stations of all the blocks,
    • fat separator,
    • oil separator,
    • ramp at the garage entrance,
    • elevators and turnstiles,
    • parking system,
    • access system SKV – Sipass
  • inspection and maintenance of the building and its vital components and repairs,
  • inspection and maintenance of the exterior elements of the building and repairs,
  • operation and maintenance of traffic signs.

Supporting activities: 

  • waste disposal and collection of sorted waste,
  • cleaning indoor and outdoor common areas and garages,
  • cleaning the facade of objects,
  • pest control and disinfection of the building,
  • outdoor green areas maintenance,
  • summer maintenance of outdoor spaces,
  • winter maintenance, snow removal, ice removal,
  • indoor green areas maintenance.

Protection of the building and the reception desk:

  • monitoring and entry control system,
  • 24-hour protection of the building and its immediate surroundings by professional private security,
  • central monitoring via CCTV,
  • entry control system for motor vehicles (parking lot),
  • key management,
  • operation of electronic fire alarm,
  • fixed fire extinguishers,
  • information and telephone services provided by the reception desk.

Energy management:

  • comprehensive management of energy supply (electricity, gas, heat and cooling),
  • drinking water and hot water supply,
  • energy-related services,
  • advice on energy consumption.