Bratislava, SR


Eurovea, a multifunctional complex on Bratislava’s riverside and at the same time the best address in downtown Bratislava. It is located on Pribinova Street.

Object characteristics

What you can find in Eurovea:

  • 235 premium residences,
  • a 5-star Sheraton Hotel, wellness, fitness and spa,
  • 24,500 square meters of top-quality A-category office space,
  • cafes and restaurants, terraces on the bank of the Danube,
  • shops,
  • banks,
  • post office,
  • playground on the bank of the Danube
  • and other facilities

Eurovea comprises ten building objects and each of them has its unique character and function.

The above-ground parts of all blocks have a joint lower part of garages and two underground floors. Objects in public areas are wheelchair accessible.

Building structure (SO_01, and SO_10) – shopping section of the shopping center, includes retail and restaurant operations.

Building structure (SO_02, SO_03, SO_04, SO_05) – comprises the residential part of Eurovea.

Building structure (SO_06, SO_07 a SO_08) – comprises administrative space.

Sheraton Hotel (SO_09) – a 5-star hotel belonging to Sheraton brand with world reputation, offers 186 comfortable rooms and 23 luxurious suites including the presidential suite, congress halls, restaurants, bars, leisure section with swimming pools, fitness, wellness.

Extent of Services

As an administrator of Eurovea shopping center we provide the following activities:

Comprehensive facility management of Eurovea:

  • Coordination and management of all supporting activities
  • Financial management and budgeting
  • Cost optimization and systematic search for cost reduction
  • Work of facility manager
  • Administration and settlement of services, development of documentation for invoicing of energy consumption and services
  • Searching for suppliers of individual services with participation of customer
  • 24-hour dispatching service
  • Communication with customers

Operation and supervision of technical facilities of buildings:

  • Regular operation inspection
  • Supervision and operation of technical facilities of buildings (TFB) following the rules set by producer, or eventually by legislation
  • Service in case of breakdowns, eventually dealing with emergency conditions of facilities

Repairs and maintenance of buildings and technical equipment:

  • Maintenance and revision plan of technological equipment
  • Operation and service of:
    • Technological equipment (ventilation equipment, air conditioning, heating)
    • Electric wiring
    • Heat and cold distribution network
    • Cold and domestic hot water distribution network, sewer system
    • Cooling water from the Danube distribution network
    • Lighting of common interiors
    • External area lighting
    • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security system
    • Electric fire alarm system (EFA)
    • Electric security system (ESS)
    • Fixed fire extinguishing equipment (FFEE)
    • Gas control stations of all blocks (GCS)
    • Fat separators (FS)
    • Section gates and ramps at the entrances to the garages
    • Elevators and escalators
    • Parking and navigation system
    • SKV access system – SiPass
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the building structural elements and potential repairs
  • Inspection and maintenance of exterior building elements and potential repairs
  • Operation and maintenance of traffic signs

Other activities:

  • Key management
  • Operation of modern electronic fire alarm
  • Operation of fixed installed fire extinguishing equipment

Power management:

  • Comprehensive management of energy supply (electricity, heat and cold)
  • Supply of drinking water and domestic hot water
  • Supply of cooling water from the Danube
  • Energy services
  • Energy consulting