Štrbské Pleso, SR


Grand Hotel Kempinski is situated on the southern side of the Štrbské mountain-lake, near the Solisko Hotel. The whole building is a protected monument and in the past, before its complete renovation, it was named Hviezdoslav Spa House. It is a five-star hotel with 98 rooms of the highest standard and features the unique and largest wellness and SPA.

Object characteristics

Grand Hotel Kempinski is located in the renovated buildings of the former Spa Štrbské Pleso: Kriváň, Hviezdoslav and Jánošík. The individual buildings are interconnected by an underground technical corridor, which serves for the needs of supply of goods. Its itnerior also features warehouses, changing rooms and canteen for employees, technical rooms. You can get to the SPA from the individual buildings with getting your feet dirty. In May 2009, the hotel opened its doors to the public and to this day it still provides its services to its clients, who come here to relax, enjoy the Tatra nature and the unique views of the mountains from the hotel room windows.


Extent of Services

We provide the Grand Hotel Kempinski with the following:

24/7 call-center:

  • Control and operation, inspection of all supporting technological equipment including heating, boiler room operation, electricity supply (transformer stations, HV, LV), cold and hot water, HVAC.

Operation and inspection of building’s technical equipment:

  • routine inspections,
  • energy management,
  • emergency operation in case of failures, addressing critical state of equipment,
  • boiler room operation

The aim of the service is to ensure lower failure rate, longer life and functionality of technical and technological equipment, so that the hotel focuses only on its core activities – paying full attention to the guest. Part of the administrator’s duties is maintenance planning – scheduling preventive maintenance at regular intervals.

Repair and maintenance of buildings and technical equipment:

  • plan of maintenance and inspections of technical equipment,
  • operation and servicing of the following:
    • technical equipment (HVAC),
    • boiler rooms,
    • chimneys
    • power distribution (LV, HV )
    • heat and gas distribution,
    • water distribution and sewerage,
    • outdoor and indoor lighting,
    • elevators,
    • Fire alarm systems (FAS)
    • fixed fire extinguishing equipment ( FFEE),
    • backup power supply (BPS).

Supplementary activities:

  • winter and summer maintenance of the corresponding external surfaces by machines and mechanisms, taking care of greenery
  • winter stand-by, snow and ice removal from the road, parking lots, entrance to buildings and garage

Our main intention is to have satisfied clients. We strive to achieve harmony in our relationship and offer professional, comprehensive and comfortable services. Therefore, the way we provide our services goes hand in hand with this goal. As we deeply care for the comfort of our customers, we always try to tailor our services to the specific needs of our clients. Our employees have the necessary education and long-term experience in the field and continuously increase their skills through professional training in order to be able to provide better quality services. Thanks to professional internal and external staff, we provide professional consultancy regarding technical and management issues.