Bratislava, SR


The premises of Štúdia Koliba, a.s. are the former premises of Slovenská filmová tvorba, š.p., situated in Bratislava’s city district at the foot of the Small Carpathian mountain range. There are administrative areas, film studios, technological buildings and storehouses located on site. There is also an administrative building owned and used by Tipos, a.s.

Object characteristics

The area is owned by Štúdio Koliba, a.s., which leases the above mentioned premises to various leaseholders. The leaseholders can be divided into 2 groups – companies with a focus on television or film and other leaseholders. JOJ television, using the main administrative building (offices and news studios) and 3 film studios for television production, is the principal leaseholder.

Other companies with a focus on television or film:

Production companies D.N.A., s.r.o. and Ateliér, s.r.o., Infomet, s.r.o., J.A.M.FILM 1999, s.r.o. – film and lighting equipment.

Among other leaseholders, Tipos, národná lotériová spoločnosť, a.s., leasing office and storage area, aside from an administrative building, is the most important company. Moreover, there are the youth science-amusement centre Atlantis Science Center, Art Glass Park, s.r.o. – sale and artistic processing of glass, and several companies leasing storage areas. Part of the premises is used by musicians and music groups for rehearsal rooms or studios.


Extent of Services​

We, as the property management services provider, provide the following services:

  • supply of utilities (water, electric energy, gas),
  • care for green areas,
  • disinfection and disinfection of required areas,
  • winter maintenance of local roads,
  • providing fire protection,
  • maintenance and inspection of technical equipment within the preventive maintenance plan,
  • providing guarding of the premises via security service.

Statistical information

Plot area87 028 m2 
Built-up area25 802 m2 
Parking areas5 200 m2 
Roads40 780 m2 
Trimmed greenery areas2 644 m2 
Forest12 602 m2