Tatranská Štrba, SR


This relatively new building called Pálenica 2 is located in the housing estate in Tatranská Štrba on Štefánikova 1161 in the built-up area of the district Štrba. In its vicinity there is a cog railway station called Tatranský Lieskovec.

Object characteristics​

In this apartment house there are 43 provately-owned flats. It is a 5-storey building with three sections and two separate entrances. The common entrance for sections “A” and “B” features a former gatehouse on the ground floor, now kept as a bicycle and stroller store, a heat exchanger station and a separate boiler room (hot water), a common laundry room for all three sections. The ground floow of the section “C” features cellars, cleaning room with sink and storage room for bicycles.


Extent of Services​

As the manager of the building we mainly provide the following:

Full property management according to Act 182/1993 Coll. on the ownership of flats and non-residential premises, as amended:

  • preparation of advance payments regulations, billing of services
  • elaboration of documents for invoicing of energy and services consumption,
  • searching for individual service providers with the participation of owners
  • 24/7 call-center,
  • communication with owners

Supplementary activities:

  • preventive and emergency maintenance of common areas and buildings,
  • operation, and control of the heat exchange station
  • cleaning of internal common areas, including glass panels
  • pest control, disinfestation of the building and common areas
  • snow and ice removal from the parking lot at the request of the owners;
  • minor repairs
  • fire alarm systems (FAS and OSH

The aim of the service is to ensure lower failure rate, longer life and functionality of technical and technological equipment, so that the hotel focuses only on its core activities – paying full attention to the guest. Part of the administrator’s duties is maintenance planning – scheduling preventive maintenance at regular intervals.

Plan of maintenance and inspections of technical equipment,

  • operation and servicing of the following:
    • technical equipment (HVAC, heating),
    • power distribution,
    • heat distribution
    • water distribution and sewerage,
    • outdoor and indoor lighting
  • inspection and maintenance of the structural elements of the building and repairs
  • inspection and maintenance of the exterior elements of the building and repairs

Our main intention is to have satisfied clients. We strive to achieve harmony in our relationship and offer professional, comprehensive and comfortable services. Therefore, the way we provide our services goes hand in hand with this goal. As we deeply care for the comfort of our customers, we always try to tailor our services to the specific needs of our clients. Our employees have the necessary education and long-term experience in the field and continuously increase their skills through professional training in order to be able to provide better quality services. Thanks to professional internal and external staff, we provide professional consultancy regarding technical and management issues.

Statistical information

The building consists of three sections, of which sections A and B each have 15 apartments and section C 13 apartments.
The residential building has a total floor area of 2,048 m2. The apartment building also features a parking lot in front of the apartment building, which is jointly owned by all owners.