Bratislava, SR


Nová Vlárska complex is a complex of new apartment buildings in Kramáre.

The layout of the buildings is as follows: two sections with their private entrances. The whole building consists of two underground floors and four above-ground floors in one part of the building and five above-ground floors in the other part. The second underground floor is used as an underground garage (with 28 parking spaces). The first underground floor is divided into a part with a garage (with 8 parking spaces) and a residential part, in which there are four apartments, two of which are intended for immobile persons. The other three above-ground floors are conventional with ten apartments divided into sections (one section features six and the other four apartments).

The buildings have 82 apartments and 72 parking spaces altogether.

Description of the building

  • Usable area of apartments: 9,943.46 m2
  • Total plot area: 5,550 m2
  • Built-up area of the apartment buildings: 1,646 m2
  • Paved areas: 2,214 m2
  • Grassy areas and greenery: 1,690 m2
  • Number of apartments: 82
  • Number of parking spaces: 119


Scope of services

As the administrator of the Nová Vlárska building, we mainly provide the following activities:

Comprehensive facility management of the apartment building:

  • coordination and management of all support activities,
  • financial management and budgeting,
  • cost optimization and systematic search for cost-saving solutions,
  • activities of the facility manager,
  • administration and billing of services, elaboration of documents for invoicing of energy consumption and services,
  • search for suppliers of individual services in cooperation with owners,
  • fire protection and health and safety management,
  • 24/7 hotline,
  • communication with owners,
  • addressing warranty claims.

Operation and inspection of technical equipment of buildings:

  • routine operational inspections,
  • inspection and operation of HVAC according to the rules set by the manufacturer or legislation,
  • operative operation in case of failures, or solution of emergency conditions of equipment.

Repairs and maintenance of buildings and technical equipment:

  • plan of maintenance and inspections of technological equipment,
  • operation and service:
    • technological equipment (air conditioning, heating),
    • distribution of el. energy,
    • heat distribution,
    • distribution of cold water, hot water and sewerage,
    • lighting of common interiors,
    • outdoor lighting,
    • oil separators,
    • sectional gates at the entrances to the garage,
    • elevators,
    • SKV access system.
  • inspection and maintenance of structural elements of the building and repairs,
  • inspection and maintenance of exterior elements of the building and repairs,
  • operation and maintenance of traffic signs in the building and on adjacent land.

Complementary activities: 

  • collection and disposal of municipal waste,
  • cleaning of indoor and outdoor common areas and garages with own equipment,
  • deratization, disinsection of the building,
  • care for outdoor green areas,
  • summer maintenance of outdoor and indoor spaces,
  • winter maintenance, snow and ice removal.


  • key management,

Energy management:

  • comprehensive management of energy supplies (electrical, thermal),
  • drinking water supply,
  • services of energy consumption manager,
  • energy consulting.