Bratislava, SR


The building has a great location – it is close to all civic amenities and offers a wide range of sports and leisure activities. The National Tennis Center, the Ondrej Nepela Ice Stadium, the Pasienky swimming pool and the Tehelné pole swimming pool are in a close vicinity. The building is conveniently located location as it is close to the highway bypass and the main city roads – enjoy seamless and comfortable commuting by car or by public transport (local and intercity, stops are close to the building).

Object characteristics

Office space of the highest standard meets even the most demanding requirements for an efficient, flexible and high-quality working environment. The Tower 5 project boasts an environmentally-friendly approach. The use of renewable resources brings significant savings throughout the life cycle of the building. The building has 21 floors with a floor area of 16,800 m2 of leased space. The parking lot is shared with the National Football Center.

Technical parameters:

Luminous flux in offices and common areas is at least 500 lx (using economical and efficient LED lighting).
Cassette ceilings with excellent thermal and acoustic properties complement the space.
Double floor with a load capacity of min. 250 kg / m2 and a height of 120 mm for housing wiring and cables.
The most modern structured cabling of category 6A, consisting of a set of metallic and optical elements for reliable transmission of digital and analogue signals.
Shared walls partitions with increased soundproofing (Rw = 60 – 62 dB).
The most modern 4-pipe air conditioning system Fan Coil with concealed installation in the ceiling (temperature control in each room).
Structured and high-current cabling routed in a double floor with a floor-based outlet.
Interior shades with can be connected to the BMS (building management system).
Modern anti-allergic and antistatic carpet for comfortable walking, protects against electrostatic discharge and reduces noise, thus improving working conditions.
Water meters on each floor and separate meters for energy consumption (electricity, heat, cooling) for each tenant to regulate expenses.
HUB rooms for meetings, conferences, brainstorming – according to tenants’ requirements.
Optical internet connection.

Range of services

As the administrator of the office building, we provide the following services:

Comprehensive management of the building:

  • coordination and management of all supporting activities,
  • financial management and budgeting,
  • cost optimization and systematic search for cost-saving solutions
  • activities of the facility manager
  • elaboration of utility and services-related documents and invoices,
  • search for suppliers of individual services in cooperation with the customer,
  • 24/7 hotline
  • fire protection and health and safety management,
  • communication with customers.

Operation and inspection of technical equipment of buildings:

  • routine inspections,
  • inspection and operation of HVAC according to the rules set by the manufacturer or legislation,
  • servicing in case of failures, addressing the poor condition of equipment.

Repairs and maintenance of buildings and technical equipment:

  • plan of maintenance and inspections of technological equipment,
  • operation and service:
    • technological equipment (air conditioning, heating),
    • distribution of el. energy,
    • heat distribution and cooling,
    • distribution of cold water, hot water and sewerage,
    • light in common areas (indoor),
    • street lights – outdoor area,
    • CCTV
    • electrical fire alarm EPS,
    • burglar alarm system,
    • fire extinguishing equipment SHZ,
    • lifts,
  • inspection and maintenance of structural elements of the building and repairs,
  • inspection and maintenance of the exterior elements of the building and repairs,

Other activities:

  • key management,
  • operation of modern electronic fire alarm systems.
  • operation of installed fixed fire extinguishing equipment,

Energy management:

  • services of energy consumption manager,
  • supplies of drinking water and DHW
  • energy consulting.