Zavar – Trnava, SR


Supplier and logistics park for Peugeot Citroën

The construction of the PSA Peugeot Citroën manufacturing halls near Trnava also required the building of a modern and functional logistics centre. Utilizing the joint know-how of J&T REAL ESTATE and Belgian Immo Industry Group, the logistics park was built in the vicinity of the manufacturing complex and moreover, in close proximity to the Bratislava – Trnava – Trenčín highway. Thus, the 500,000 m2 park offers unrivalled conditions for subcontractors.

Object characteristics​

We provide comprehensive technical management for the park owner as well as for tenants in this logistics and subcontractor park. We manage approx. 58,000 m2 of leased area, 55,000 m2 of paved area, 60,000 m2 of green area and other areas which are intended for future construction. All halls are equipped with state-of-the-art systems such as electric fire alarms, stable fire-extinguishing devices, MaR, UPS, CCTV, increasing the standard of clients, their confidence, and in particular, their safety. The park also has its own sewage treatment plant where we provide full technical service. Clients in the logistics park are directly connected to deliveries of components to PSA, as they work in a just-in-time model. Therefore, we have to unconditionally provide immediate, required service. Because our maintenance technicians work directly in this managed logistic park, we are able to foresee the needs of our clients and adapt our services to meet their expectations.

Extent of Services​

As a provider of logistics park management services, we undertake to provide the following services:

  • supply of all utilities (water, electric energy, gas),
  • security and information services in the scope of guarding entrances and exits to and from the premises, walk patrol service within the premises, identification of persons entering and leaving premises, providing basic information about the lessor and persons using site facilities,
  • maintenance of green areas and gardening services,
  • disinfection and disinfecting the technical equipment on premises,
  • summer and winter maintenance of local roads in the industrial park at a scope that enables their proper use by tenants, during winter maintenance, access roads are cleaned as a priority to ensure timely delivery from tenants to their client, PSA,
  • review of the technical equipment relating to fire safety as required to suit the requirements of the laws of the Slovak Republic on fire protection and NFPA 25 standards and recommendations of the leaseholder’s insurer.
  • inspections of technical equipment regarding to the operative plan and preventive maintenance plan,
  • occupational health and safety in the technical equipment areas,
  • cleaning of facades and windows of the operation hall, as needed,
  • cleaning of common buildings and local roads in the premises,
  • optimum control of services deliveries, management of utilities and infrastructure,
  • documentation archiving,
  • deliveries of material and logistics to common premises,
  • operation and maintenance of lighting on local roads within the premises,
  • disposal of waste from sewage treatment plant,
  • disposal of waste from oil trap – ORL,
  • transport inside the premises for leaseholders’ employees,
  • operation and maintenance of facilities in the holding tank and sewerage treatment plant,
  • drainage of rain water,
  • maintenance of industrial park fencing,
  • management of keys,
  • services related to sorting incoming mail in the industrial park

As for the quality of provided services, our client’s satisfaction is paramount.

Statistical information​

Basic characteristics of PSA logistics park

Plot area411 036 m2
Built-up area59 596 m2
Building volume483 434 m2
Façade surface31 998 m2
Parking areas17 370 m2
Roads47 772 m2
Green areas52 529 m2


Owner of logistics and supplier park:


Clients in the logistics and supplier park:

  • Gefco Slovakia, s. r. o.,
  • Faurecia Slovakia, s. r. o.,
  • Geodis Calberson Slovensko, s. r. o.,
  • Inergy Automotive Systems Slovakia, s. r. o.,
  • Plastic Omnium Auto Exteriors, s. r. o.,
  • Voith Industrial Services, s. r. o.,
  • Streit Trnava, s. r. o.,
  • Plasticoncept, s. r. o.,
  • Datalogic Slovakia, s. r. o.